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The clock is striking midnight...I am alone in the bizarre attic of my mind. I am waiting for something ineffable to take hold of me, some lingering flavour or colour from my childhood, some inexpressible feeling of contentment and mystery. Yet, not so inexpressible, not so ungraspable. Here I am, flowing away with the words my fingers shape on the keyboard and invite you to enter with an open mind and a light heart: here you will find some strange tales where everyday life gets caught up in the web of the imagination.
I invite you to switch off the electric light and by candlelight, in the quietness of the night, shed your day skin and be your own self, the self you are when nobody is looking at you and you are at peace with the world. When you are ready, express your deepest and most positive wish. May the Universe, that always responds, see to it.
Here, sitting in front of you, and holding the silver thread of vision, I am about to share a few stories with you, that we may rekindle lost enchantments again and again.
Yarns of lifelong tales begin with a single word...

Kind regards

Frances Fay (Francesca Aniballi)

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