If you, gentle reader, wonder who is the spinner of half-forgotten dreams and tales on these pages, I will reveal my innermost motivation: to inspire and uplift, to provide a space for encouraging your noblest and most hidden longings. I am a dreamer, a visionary, a friendly voice in the darkest night. Fierce compassion and unabated hope are mine by choice. Flying on the full moon, raising the tides, chanting with the wind, I am my Self. And because of that, I can forget myself and tell a good tale. I can tell white lies to bring home a great truth. I will transport you to strange lands, and move you to feel again those ancient stirrings of the heart. 

The Woman Behind the Fairy

Frances Fay is my art name, and I use it to reveal an essential aspect of myself. My other name is Francesca Aniballi.

I hold a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature, translation, editing and teaching qualifications in English and Italian, an MSc in Social Anthropology and an Honours degree in English and German.

I spent several years in Scotland, where I left a piece of my heart. These days I live in the Italian countryside, not far from Rome.

I am a teacher, writer, with a Certificate in Writing Practice for Therapeutic Purposes, creativity coach and art counsellor in training. I love writing because it opens up possibilities: words can indeed change and shape us and our worldviews.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Yet, a few words can change its story. And story is a vital element of being human. We think, perceive and experience stories all the time. Stories (and poems) elicit our feelings and emotions. They arouse, educate, entertain, deviate, guide and misguide... we cannot be, do or have anything without storymaking.

Throughout my life writing has been a red thread: it has helped me find my way when in doubt or in pain, it has accompanied me in quiet reflection and deep joy; the blank page gradually covered with ink has been the witness of my ramblings, adventures, spiritual and intellectual journeys, heartaches and gratitude.

I have employed both journaling and creative writing as self-healing and self-directing tools and made important discoveries on the way. I received personal illuminations and realizations in the process of writing, of letting go of the need for control and allowing my experiences, thoughts, emotions and feelings to unfold in their own ways, at their own times.

Writing has taught me to stay in the moment, to be present to what is, to heal the past and develop my vision for the future, to celebrate life, to explore the inner dimensions and my stance towards issues and themes close to my heart, to let my inner child play and to unleash my creativity, to explore and take up my unique spiritual path. All of this, and more...

I am passionate about journaling and creative writing as exploration tools.

My vision involves facilitating your experience and acknowledgement of your full emotional range, so that you can achieve clarity and awareness by bridging heart and mind, through therapeutic creative writing, creativity coaching and art counselling.

I stand by the abiding power of writing for deep transformation.

Come on board: you are welcome.

If you feel you would like to consider the possibility of working with me one-on-one, please send me a message through the contact form at Blue Planet Vision. I will write you back to check if we are a good match and offer you a free consultation.