22. Dec, 2019

Another year has passed,

Another turn of the wheel,

Though sometimes sadness

Is all we feel.

Some other days emptiness

And the sense of standing still

Haunt the inner chambers

Of our brooding minds.


Yet, all is not lost;

Life seeds can sprout anew;

May you feel it there,

Deep inside your truth.


May the Winter Solstice

Bring rest to racing thoughts:

Let the gifts of darkness

Lay aside anxiety and gloom.


May you feel the promise

Of the growing light

Dawn on the lake

Of your consciousness

Like a new day.


May you feel inside,

As the Sun comes back,

That this moment of stillness

Is to give you a balmy rest.


May you feel the joy,

As you watch dawn break,

That there always is a time

To start again, and again.


Picture by courtesy of Todd Trapani via

1. Nov, 2019

Only the crow stays now--

a faithful jester

cutting the grey air

with its cry.

Apples, red and green, hang

on the branches

like suspended Autumn thoughts --


I gather red leaves

and decorate my desk.

I light a candle and wait

for the voices of my ancestors

to run through my veins,

to shake and rattle my bones

like music,

to whisper softly in my ears.

By now the mist has lifted

and the air is still.

White houses with red roofs

dot the hillside, half asleep.

Today, the land lies flat

and meek. Stillness is

its language, but for 

its hidden spells.

Magic is afoot, if you

only listen.


Photo by julie aagaard from Pexels

31. Oct, 2019


Dawn breaks yet again.

The queen has the tyrant’s corpse

Thrown to the dogs. She feels no more.

No longer a defiant princess, she’s come

Into her own.

Ravens and crows fly overhead.

The sky is overcast. Wind blasts rage

In her stone heart.

Will the queen ever dance again –-




Photo by Dark Indigo from Pexels

27. Oct, 2019


The queen is strangely quiet tonight.

The tyrant wonders.

He marvels at her wild, quivering beauty,

Her fierce gaze, her stone voice,

Her seductive ways.

Oh, the tyrant is falling in love.

And when she draws him into her

Chambers, he wants to cry and fall

At her feet in adoration…

But a terrible hag, with eyes like burning

Coals, clutches at his arm.

He tries to escape, to find a way out,

All in vain.

Don’t you recognise her, tyrant –

It’s the same old hag that advised

You wisely.

What did you do with her advice –

You chose with a proud heart, you

Had your evil way. Now, slide

Into nothingness.


Photo by Nilay Ramoliya from Pexels

13. Oct, 2019


The princess’s eyes are ablaze now.

She throws the key and sees her destiny.

In this darkest hour, she invokes her,

The Dark Mother of all those that seek

Redress and retribution.


Come – Mother – come.

Make me burn with your unquenching fire.

Turn me into a cold dagger, into a deathly

Nightmare, that I may tear the tyrant’s heart

From his chest.


And the Dark Mother comes.


Tonight, my child, you are to bring

The wretched beast to me.