2. Nov, 2018

It can be lonely 

into the deep forest

yet I love

the shadows playing with

the light in the submerged

world of trees

where you can be silent

or cry and nobody will ever

find out, except for them.

I love letting loose my hair

in the wind and feel

the ancient wildness roar 


My skin could ripple like a wave

under your devoted explorer's 


our hearts could love

with no strings and ties

our bodies could intertwine 

in trust.

Beyond clinging, there is

freedom to be for us.

No pretense

under the deep green shade

where we can lie down.

Listening to the deep voice 

of the forest and its denizens

we can share our wordless secrets

and you can make plaits 

of my hair.

I can caress your eyes

we can touch each other with 

a naked gaze and hand

the hunger of the eager

when they recognise 

one another at length:

like outlaws living on 

the border, beyond this

age of conventions.

14. Sep, 2018

Wild currents lull me into the Great Awakening,

light floods my ephemeral being

turning it into a transparent lake.

Translucent Silence moulds the soul into a fragrant rose.

Tongues of fire light the way into Victory and Surrender.

Once again.

From timelessness, I behold the Earth,

the sacred body of the World's Soul.

A blade of grass shines into Infinity

and -- wonder of wonders -- in the fields

of the heart, what is small expands.

9. Sep, 2018

Says the Self to the Self:

I have stood before the mirror of time

searching into the well of my eyes

for the question without answer

that only asks of itself,

the quest for freedom;

but when I met You

I realised I can only love my Beloved

as the Cosmos dances its veiled figures

into being forevermore: intimations

of immortality in every physical form.

Ripples of eternity come clashing

into the wave of becoming

and sometimes, inexplicably, 

the fire of Love gets sparked.

Sometimes, when it is sweet or painful

to be alive, the hands of the Universe

weave blue, purple, gold, red threads 

into a magic grid before my eyes.

Then, I dive deep into the Heart

and in the music of Silence the Lover

and the Beloved become One.


3. Aug, 2018

Leaves moving in the breeze

a plop in the water

maybe a frog

wind words are slings

on the pond's brown skin

tree tops are brushing

the sky clean

a watersnake is swimming

on the still water --

and I -- I am 

a drop of attention 

among the leaves.

11. Jul, 2018

Gunuld shuffled her feet. 

She did not have an answer apart from her scorching mother love.

"Take my life" -- she said again. She now stood right before him.

The Raven King stood up, colour flushing his cheeks for the first time, and said:

"Go back to your world, woman, or else wander in my kingdom alone."

Gunuld said: "I won't leave your kingdom without my son." And she plucked a black feather from his wings.

The Raven King disappeared: only mist was where he had been sitting.

Gunuld was alone.

She meandered through the maze of halls and heard the voices of many who had entered through the nine gates of the Raven King's kingdom.

She could not see them, though.

They asked for help in wistful voices.

On the walls, Gunuld met her reflected image everywhere, for everywhere there were mirrors.

She picked an iron sword hanging in mid-air, held by invisible threads.

She could have killed herself, but she hit the mirrors.

One by one, she smashed them all.

She could no longer see her own image, the deserted halls crumbled down and children and people of all ages, who had been trapped behind the mirror walls, swarmed forward.

Some cried, and rejoiced. Still others turned into birds, and flew away.

Only, Gunuld could not see her son, and when she ran out of the crumbling mansion on the gigantic fir tree, a big white raven watched her from afar.

It flew down to her, spread its wings and she sat there. She marveled at the pure white of its feathers. They soared.

From above, she saw towns, forests and fields, and the nine gates too.

All the guardians were asleep.

The raven landed on a boulder in the sea. As the sun set, its feathers fell and slowly it turned into a young man: it was Gunuld's son.

They embraced and cried. Then he said:

"Mother, we'll fly back to the world of the living, before the Raven King is strong again. I can only bring you back, but won't stay."

"Why"-- Gunuld said with tears in her eyes.

"Because I vowed to contain the Raven King's greed before dying. Thus, I was granted this life. Live to tell the tale of your white raven-son, Mother."

Gunuld tried to convince him: had she not set free the Raven King's prisoners? They would find a way to trick him again.

The boy shook his head.

"You didn't trick him. He has always been and always will be, as long as men and women get lost through any of the nine gates.

Gunuld gasped. She felt that her motherly arguments would not persuade him. His will was set.

His eyes had the gift of the second sight and were suffused with a mellow, sweet light of compassion.

Gunuld said: "Why you, son?"

The boy raised his shoulders: "Why not me?"