17. Jun, 2016


Once the Earth was different from now.

In the cosmic flow of galaxies and stars, floated a light shell. Mysterious as it was, one of the Star Giants that held the streaming light cracked the shell open by accident. A strange cube came out of it: the earth.

On that little cube already lived strange little beings, much to the astonishment of the Star Giant, who had watched over the shell for so long.

These beings had three eyes. The third eye they used to communicate with animals. They spinned and wore fanciful tunics made of leaves and flowers. Fountains would spring by their word power.

The Star Giant was so enthralled by what he saw, that he decided to keep the shell open. However, since the little people were not used to so much light, he asked Cosmic Night to come along and throw her cloak on the cube. This way the night was born on earth.

But the little people were so scared of the alternation of day and night, that they asked for a few changes. The Star Giant blew over the cube: this way clouds and mists were created. Cosmic Night cut many holes into her cloak to let the stars and the moon shine through, for the little people needed both refreshment and shade in the day, and light at night.

These little ones had many stories about their origins, and they did not agree with one another, so the matter could not be settled.

The Star Giant and Cosmic Night decided to hold a council and listen to all accounts, so that they may find the best one. So was it that the little people came to the council in their colourful attires and started to tell their stories one by one.

"We were born from a god's brain," said one.

"No, we were born from the sea," said another.

"You, idiots, don't you know we were apes when we started out?"

And on and on for days and nights.

The Star Giant and Cosmic Night could not believe any of these accounts, so far-fetched did they sound.

The quarrelling little people grew more and more arrogant and by the end of their stories they could no longer use their third eye or summon their word power to have a new springing fountain, so dull had grown their imaginations.

Out of boredom, the Star Giant took the cube into his fiery hands, gave it a round shape and kicked it around to have some fun. And that is the origin of earthquakes and hurricanes.

But Cosmic Night had pity on the poor wretched and sent them dreams in various guises: of glory, of beauty, of love, of immortality, of justice. Few among the little people took them on and made them their own. This way men and women were born. They still strive to recast those dreams, that they may take on flesh and become true.

Most rejected the dreams. They turned into living dead. Cosmic Night wept for these lost souls and she cried so much that her tears formed the oceans. Most of all she longed for something that would restore hope and wonder in the world.

It was then that the Dog Constellation offered to bring some respite to the denizens of the globe.

"And how will you accomplish your task," said Cosmic Night.

"I will turn into a Puppy and bark at Lady Moon, in order to get her help."

Puppy set out on his night journey. He barked and barked till the wise Lady Moon woke up.

"Why are you barking so," she said.

"Give me stories that I may tell the people of the globe and sprinkle me with your magic dust, that I may be a child in the day."

"I'll do that!" -- she winked, and magic dust fell on Puppy.

Then she whistled her tunes, and as they reached Puppy's ears, they became stories and ballads to be told to the people of the globe.

So equipped, Puppy trotted around the world. As dawn came, he turned into a brown-haired child. He would stop at cross-roads, squares, and courtyards to tell Lady Moon's stories.

So was it that people cheered up and gave Puppy candy and coins to buy some food. He is still hopping around the globe, bringing a smile on men and women's lips. But sometimes they don't even mind his stories, and then things get tough in this world.