8. Oct, 2016

My translation of "Lo encontraremos, sì" by Pedro Salinas, To My Unknown Angel

Yes, we shall find it,
our kiss. It will be
on a bed of clouds,
of crystals or embers?
It will be
in a minute,
or tomorrow, or in the next
century, or just before the last
threshold of never?
Alive, dead? Do you know?
With my flesh and yours,
with my name and yours?
Or maybe will it be with other
lips, with other names
and after centuries, what
today wants to be,
here, starting now?
We don't know.
We know that it will be --
that in something -- yes -- and someone
it will be fulfilled --
this invented love
with no land nor date
where to lie down now:
great suspended love.
And maybe, behind
curtains of years,
a kiss under skies
we have never seen,
will have --
whoever, without knowing, will
imagine to give it --
risen towards its glory,
the fulfilment, at last,
of that impatient kiss
that is waiting --
I see -- throbbing on your lips.
our kiss, its bed,
exist in our faith only.

Frances Fay