14. Oct, 2016

Towards Nature -- Part Five

Little by little the walls melted away. We stood in front of a green mound in an open landscape. A door carved itself into the side of the mound and the mysterious lady pointed towards the entrance. I hesitated, for I was quite scared, but she looked at me with such a reproachful expression that I had no choice but comply.

In front of me I saw a gathering of green people, who changed their shapes from moment to moment: from flower or plant to human, as to prove a point among themselves. They seemed to be discussing something urgent. And now my mysterious lady dragged me to the centre of the gathering and, speaking in most musical tunes, she announced my presence.

I was astounded, for I could understand her fabulous language now. She took her place to the side of a great queen and I recognised her as the royal adviser.

The queen asked me what my profession was and, without knowing how and why, I answered back in her own language: I was just an unsuccessful novel writer and did not know how I could be of any use to that civilised gathering.

"Your race is destroying mine," she said. "We are no longer at ease with human beings. Oak trees, fir trees, poplars, chestnut trees, rowans and yews, cypresses and ash trees, birches and willows are weeping for the earth. Bluebells, daffodils, marigolds and daisies, and all the wild flowers of the forest shudder and cry because of man's ways of life. Rivers and springs, lakes and creeks are poisoned every single day and the fish die out. No longer do the leaping salmon and the silvery trout swim at peace; no longer does friendship bind our races, but a long-standing enmity is riveting the earth. I warn you and all men and women: the children of the earth will rebel; earthquakes and floods will wreak their revenge upon your race, if men persist in their wicked ways."

As she spoke, tears welled up in my eyes in spite of myself, for I recognised the truth of her words and wished for a moment that the whole human race in its arrogance may be wiped away.

"I see there are justice and compassion in your heart," she said, for she could read my thoughts.

"I offer you a pact: practise your craft in the spirit of reconciliation. Be the messenger of the Green People, deliver my message in a language human beings can understand, and I promise you will be successful at your art."

Before I realised it, I nodded and said: "So be it, my queen, I'll serve your people's cause no matter what it takes."

She had a radiant smile and waved to her musicians to start playing. Dancing and merriment followed and lasted for a long time. Flowers and plants, trees and birds circled around me cheerfully and the swoon of ecstasy overcame me. Never before had I felt my life had something noble to strive for, never before had I felt worthier and humbler at the same time.

As all the children of nature danced in a circle around me in their protean shapes, my heart expanded and I was granted a vision of a possible earthly paradise, if only humans would listen. I felt a surge of power spiraling from my heart, through my throat to my third eye and knew my life was going to change.


Picture by courtesy of Andre Cook: www.andrejcook.com