23. Oct, 2016

Towards Nature -- Part Six

When I opened my eyes I was lying on the bare planks of my room in the mountain chalet. It was dawning. Beside me there was an oak leaf; I turned it in my hands. I took my notepad and saw the notes I had taken the day before. How empty and unimaginative... I tried to write, but I could not move my right hand. I thought I had been fooled and punished by the Green Queen, or maybe by my imagination.

Then I tried out my left hand, as a temporary solution... and I could write quickly, in spite of the fact I had been right-handed all my life.

When I left the chalet, the wind was blowing again and snowflakes patted the windowpanes  of the cable cabin. As I descended towards the village, the mountains looked like silent giants warning me to keep my vow.


In the hotel room, I sat at my desk and wrote down what had happened. That was the start of what my reviewers call "eco-fantasy".

This night it will be a year since that portentous time and I have given you a faithful account of what happened. You may leave it or take it. Yet, I hope you'll ponder on it next time you walk along a river bank or wander through a forest. As to me, I will go on writing "eco-fantasies" and sign books at book festivals, so that people may listen and look at nature with awe.

Go, and tell this story to your friends and kin.