27. Nov, 2016

So Far, So Close

We rarely slept in each other's
arms. We did once
in the afternoon light
of an early spring in Rome.

We often visited art exhibitions
and watched art movies
in the cool November evenings
in town.

We often sat in our balcony
sipping coffee wrapped up
in the silent night
unfolding all around.

We often studied
poetry and ideas together
the way two exiles warm
up at each other's flame

and we told stories
of silence and stars
with no beginning
no middle
no end.

We always walked long
hours into the city night
holding hands striding wide
kissing in the dark.

We sometimes quarrelled
about nothing and wandered
the city -- two lonely hunters
who always found each other.

We once fell in love all over again
and a desert bloomed into a prairie
-- we parted, we were far away
and we changed our paths.

We met by chance in Rome
once again: we never forgot.
All so changed
all still the same.

Frances Fay