8. Dec, 2016

The Mountain Peak and the Land of Plenty

Imagine a host of people of all times and countries seeing a wonderful mountain peak in the first shimmer of a bright dawn; they are watching the mountain peak from afar, and longing to be there, from different points in space.

Each in their own right decides they have to reach that glorious peak, where villages and cities down there in the valleys will finally look tiny, with clear-cut paths and streets. From that vantage point whatever happens in the valley will be self-explanatory. So they set out, alone and in groups, starting from whatever path is closest and open to them.

As they walk up the spiralling path, winding around the mountain, many stop even before they get as far as half way through and decide that what they see from there is all they need. Only a few solitaires, walking through snow and tempest, heat and cold, reach the mountain peak. And when they do, they meet their fellows coming up from the other side of the mountain and ask what it was like on their sides of the mountain, and they listen to one another.

Then they stand up and approach the precipice, the vast vista opening all around down below the mountain peak, and they marvel at the land stretching as far as the eye can see and beyond. They understand what a wise man once said: there are many paths to approach the mountain peak, yet the land of plenty is beyond all paths.