10. Mar, 2017

Letter to a Girl

Today you look at the sky with stars in your eyes, it feels good to be alive. You do not yet realise there are dangers lurching in the shadowy corners of existence, and every stranger is now a friend holding a magic bag of possibilities.

There will be times, though, you will feel alone and misunderstood, days when nobody wants to play with you or waste their time pursuing the blue horizons of your ideals. On those days, at school and at home, you are catching a glimpse of what many call “normal life”, when they want you to adapt and obey.

Many will try to improve you: your skills, your behaviour, your ideas. Some will be good teachers; others will be bad. Thank them both, but never let them knock imagination out of you. Follow that white river of wonder that flows in the depths of you: along its banks you can heal your wounds.

Some will come nudging you into what is “proper for a girl” and will be ready to fight holy wars to defend their prejudice.

Do not let them bind your hands and feet, do not let them clip your wings. Learn to live with your fear, listen to its hidden message, then go beyond, soar and be your true Self: unbound, free, and wild.

Listen: they say the world is growing smaller all the time, yet find unpretentious nooks of unadorned beauty. And walk along the river: where there is a river you can’t get lost. You will know by the sound it makes, and the way it ambles through the woods of your life.

Above all believe in yourself and your dreams. Believe in what brings you joy: a flying swallow across the sky, a coloured pencil and a kite, holding your sister’s hand, journeying to a new adventure without leaving your room… dream on girl, and when the world turns cruel and lets you down, dream some more, for your dreams will save you, and one day, maybe, if you stand by your dreams and act on them, they will save others too.


Picture by courtesy of unsplash.com