30. Mar, 2017

Upon Returning to the Isle of Avalon

Whatever you were
Thousands of years ago
You never left any
Doubt in my mind.
In the wake of waters
Lapping your holy shores
There came pilgrims
Saints and monks.
But even before then
The Lady trod your land:
You were never blighted.
In the mists shrouding
Your face just a drop
Of unbound mystery
Like the Lady's ever
Changing hues before
The yearning seeker.
And today I am treading
Your shores yet again
And greet your ground with
Peace in my heart and brow.
No longer do tears blur
My sight; no longer do sighs
Relieve my burdens.
I am ever watchful
Ever attentive, wondering at
The unfolding track
That brought me here once
And back again.
In between time has been
A spiraling staircase towards
The hidden wellspring of my soul.
Whatever I forgot or thought
I had forgotten
I have found again; yet
Enhanced --- full of shining
Power --- a beacon of understanding.
The intricate patterns of
My life's tapestry glow with
Clear foreground figures
Blaze with background
Shadows looming large
Like giant eagles overseeing
A vast unexplored land.

Frances Fay