30. Apr, 2017

The Call by Frances Fay

1. Language

Where I come from

is a language I almost learned

to forget;

a language with a different rhythm:

its words are little lamps of melody.


2. Swing

Where I come from

is the sound of waves

when they crash

and a children's swing in the park

opposite the strand,

drawing mid-air arabesques.


3. Sea

Where I come from is a country of birds

and dawn on the Eastern Sea.

It is where fishermen at sunrise

marry the sea lady with a ring.


4. Mirror

Where I come from

is a story full of characters.

It is  a mirror where

the child I was meets the woman

I am becoming day after day.


5. Bread

Where I come from

I met You with flame-like hands of light

and flowing white and gold

streaming all around.

It is where You told me

let's make good art,

let's make nourishing, fragrant bread.