13. Jun, 2017

The Diamond

In another dimension and in another time, there's a tiny man looking for precious stones in a sack full of rubbish.

People who pass by ask him:

"Why are you rummaging in the trash like that?"

He hardly takes notice, he hardly hears them. They shake their heads and go their own way.

The man never stops. At night he keeps his sack close to his heart and in his fitful sleep he dreams of finding the most precious jewel on earth. Then he wakes up in a sweat and starts rummaging all over again.

By now, in town everybody knows him. They all think he is crazy. Yet, they don't know that his sack can compost rubbish into beautiful pebbles and stones.

He can create necklaces and bracelets for the girls and  rings for the wives, but he dreams of the perfect diamond to win over the woman from a far away country he saw at the market once.

Her gaze is discreet, yet firm; her gait is elegant, her voice calm; her eyes as black and shiny as ebony...

He sighs at the thought of her... if only he could offer her the perfect diamond.

It's market day once again.

The beautiful stranger stands behind her stall selling fruit. The man goes over. He stammers his remarks and asks about the price of her peaches.

They look ripe and sweet.

She stares into his eyes and takes her time. Then she offers him one.

The man accepts and forgets all about his sack: he bites the peach. Pure delight colours his cheeks, his eyes are ablaze.

The beautiful stranger observes him in silence. She smiles.

When the man closes his hand on the peach stone he is oblivious and blissful. He puts it in his pocket.

The beautiful stranger invites him to sit for a cup of tea behind her colourful caravan.

They sit still and sip their tea. They have a conversation dotted with silence.

Soon the moon is high in the sky.

When the man bids his beloved good night, he fingers the peach stone in his pocket: so smooth, so polished, like a perfect diamond.