7. Jul, 2017

Fire and Water

They say water is stronger than fire

just like gentleness can extinguish fierceness.

Yet, on the enchanted waters that flow

in your land, Bride, on your swelling rivers

and seas, you have lit inextinguishable

flames of ardour.

Those waters are aflame with inspiration

and safely guide the poet's barge

to the Isle of the Blessed, the Immortal Ones.

Bride, your hands and eyes shine

on the healer's path in the thick of the forest,

nourish the smith's forge with sacred fire,

cleanse your devotee's heart with the water of life.

This is so; I am ablaze too, dreaming awake,

chipping away at my airy sculpture

with the chisel of love, holding

a vision of timelessness...


Picture by courtesy of pexels.com