30. Aug, 2017

The Punishment of Loki


To my North, the trunk of a bare bleak tree

And the spires of a coiled poisonous snake

Hissing at me: I am bound to this rock

In punishment for revolting against

The tyranny of the Asgardr gods.


To my South, the hovering mists on a deep

Rocky chasm that swallowed up chaos and

Its daughters. They were so attractive to men

That the gods feared their world of order

And harmony would be overturned.


To my East, sublime, snowy mountain peaks

Thrusting against the dumb overcast sky.

Silence, like terror, is everywhere: its voice

Scarier than desperate yells. For the ice silence

is the true voice of the indifferent gods.


To my West lies the world of the humans

Whom one day I will set free. I will lead

The forces of chaos and shatter the ice

Palaces of the gods. Water springs will

Flow into the eternal meadow of a new

Liberated life.