15. Mar, 2018

The Green Space

Long time ago, there was a vast green expanse, where atoms danced into molecules and molecules swirled into long stalks and blades of grass.

Tiny hares inhabited the primeval meadow and a tall, slender archer scoured its width and length.

The archer was a youngish creature with androgynous features. He hunted the tiny hares and cried every time he had to kill one in order to survive.

One day Hare Spirit came to him and said:

"Let us make a pact."

The archer nodded vigorously.

"Whenever you kill my children, you will bury their skins and bones and chant a song of thanks to me. You will string pebbles into an ornament to be placed on their burying mounds. You will bury their skins and bones at twilight. This way your burden will be lifted and your heart will be healed."

The faithful archer did as he was told: he buried the hare's skin and bones at twilight. Then, after roasting the hare and eating it by the fire, he went to sleep.

When he opened his eyes at dawn, the mound was scattered all around.

As the archer's face tightened into anger and dismay, a hare jumped out of the ground, then another, and another.

On and on, the hares jumped up and hopped off into the far distance.

The sun was still big on the horizon and the archer realised he had many dawns yet to see.