29. Apr, 2018

The True Names of Flowers

It's strange

the names we call faces, things, places:

take a day worth of pain,

longing and remembrance;

take the lilies and the daffodils,

the orchids and the roses,

how they shine in the twilight

afterglow for the last time 

before night -- 

and then suddenly their scents

intensify and prick your 

nostrils and heart -- 

how suddenly these sweetest 

creatures turn silent, mute, 

sinister even,

when your call for a 

listening heart

is not answered.

At that moment, in the bitter-sweet

pang of silence, when 

the yearning to be seen

is sharp like broken glass,

when we stand still listening

for a sign, wearing 

our eyes out, when the moon

appears in the evening sky

and the first owl chants 

its spells -- then, and only then,

we discover the mystery -- 

as open as the infinite sky

as raw as our need

as deep as the unstoppable

pull of love -- 

then, and only then,

we find out the true names

of flowers.