2. Nov, 2018

Into the Deep Forest

It can be lonely 

into the deep forest

yet I love

the shadows playing with

the light in the submerged

world of trees

where you can be silent

or cry and nobody will ever

find out, except for them.

I love letting loose my hair

in the wind and feel

the ancient wildness roar 


My skin could ripple like a wave

under your devoted explorer's 


our hearts could love

with no strings and ties

our bodies could intertwine 

in trust.

Beyond clinging, there is

freedom to be for us.

No pretense

under the deep green shade

where we can lie down.

Listening to the deep voice 

of the forest and its denizens

we can share our wordless secrets

and you can make plaits 

of my hair.

I can caress your eyes

we can touch each other with 

a naked gaze and hand

the hunger of the eager

when they recognise 

one another at length:

like outlaws living on 

the border, beyond this

age of conventions.