4. Jul, 2019

My Garden

Circling, circling around my garden

I have found strange flowers and pebbles

I have found fragments of an old language

on stone slabs buried in sand, or moss.

Each side of my garden -- North, East, 

South and West -- harbours a poison and 

a gift.

In the North, the poison of a frozen heart, 

and the stillness of midnight.

In the East, the unbearable lightness of 

(un)being, and the promise of dawn.

In the South, the poison of sticky heat

and mosquitoes, and the fiery passion 

of noon.

In the West, the raw power of rushing

waters flooding every place, and the 

gentle cleansing gurgles of the mountain


In the centre of the garden, there's a square

and a fountain with rainbow waters.

Magic is afoot.

Above, the sky changes its hues all the time.

Below the earth, in the underground,

roots entwine and grow strong.


Picture by Skitterphoto, via Pexels