28. Jul, 2019

Dancing Princess Turns Into Stone Queen -- Part 1


Take a paranoid king, brooding over disgrace
Add an old, battered soldier coming back
From the bloodiest of battles.
The soldier feels his bad luck is an unfair
Blow of fate. Life has been hard on him.
The king wants to know where his twelve
Daughters go at night, for, despite being
Locked away, every morning their dancing
Shoes are worn to pieces.
Whoever finds out will live to be his heir
And pick a wife out of the twelve princesses.
However, who fails will lose his life.
Now, an old hag sees the soldier coming.
She waits for him at the city gate and tells
Him how he can change his luck:

Do not drink of the eldest princess’s wine
Of sleep and forgetfulness;
Wear this cloak of invisibility to follow
The twelve princesses at night.

The soldier nods and complies.


Picture by Luiz Clas via pexels.com