18. Aug, 2019

Dancing Princess Turns Into Stone Queen -- Part 4



All good things come to a stop.

Dawn breaks the magic of the night.

Princesses and princes – hot and ruffled –

Rush to their boats; away, to the other shore.

Back in their room, their hearts still

Pounding in delight, the princesses

Believe their secret to be safe.

But the soldier runs to the king.

For three nights he followed the princesses.

He snapped a silver twig on the first night,

And took a golden leaf and a diamond apple

On the second. On the third, he snatched

A gold cup from the castle of enchanted



There you have it – your princesses

Dance all night long. Twelve princes

Attend to their pleasure in the enchanted

Castle beyond the dark lake.



Photo by Ray Bilcliff from Pexels