1. Sep, 2019

Dancing Princess Turns Into Stone Queen -- Part 6


Like many a silly man, the king

Dies a dull, sudden death.

As soon as the old soldier is king,

He throws the eleven princesses

And their princes in jail. Each flung

To the most remote corners of his kingdom.

He has the bride-to-be dressed in

A stifling corset, buried in layers of

Brocade and velvet. Her hair tied up

Behind her neck,

Her movements constrained

By tiny glass slippers. Her eyes,

Swollen with crying, covered with

A white veil.

For all she feels, it may well be

As black as death.

Her prince is nowhere to be found.

In vain, she scans the crowds on

Her wedding day.


Photo by Lina Kivaka from Pexels