22. Sep, 2019

Dancing Princess Turns Into Stone Queen -- Part 9


And just when all seems lost, the key

Clicks in the lock and opens the forbidden door.

All the darkness and stench of the world

Jump at her and suck her inside.

Her feline eyes see in the dark.

There’s an unsealed coffin on some planks.

The lid has been removed.

She trembles and stumbles in the dark,

And when she is near enough, she covers

Her mouth and opens her eyes wide in a wild,

Piercing, soundless cry.

Her prince is lying there.

As handsome as ever; yet no longer

Dancing and laughing. She covers his smooth

Brow with everlasting kisses. His full lips

Are pressed into a sad line.

He, the prince of all the dances, frozen

Into the baffling stillness of death.

He himself dreams of his cruel lot

In a stupor of disbelief.


Photo by Irina Iriser from Pexels