27. Oct, 2019

Dancing Princess Turns Into Stone Queen -- Part 11


The queen is strangely quiet tonight.

The tyrant wonders.

He marvels at her wild, quivering beauty,

Her fierce gaze, her stone voice,

Her seductive ways.

Oh, the tyrant is falling in love.

And when she draws him into her

Chambers, he wants to cry and fall

At her feet in adoration…

But a terrible hag, with eyes like burning

Coals, clutches at his arm.

He tries to escape, to find a way out,

All in vain.

Don’t you recognise her, tyrant –

It’s the same old hag that advised

You wisely.

What did you do with her advice –

You chose with a proud heart, you

Had your evil way. Now, slide

Into nothingness.


Photo by Nilay Ramoliya from Pexels