22. Dec, 2019

A Winter Solstice Blessing

Another year has passed,

Another turn of the wheel,

Though sometimes sadness

Is all we feel.

Some other days emptiness

And the sense of standing still

Haunt the inner chambers

Of our brooding minds.


Yet, all is not lost;

Life seeds can sprout anew;

May you feel it there,

Deep inside your truth.


May the Winter Solstice

Bring rest to racing thoughts:

Let the gifts of darkness

Lay aside anxiety and gloom.


May you feel the promise

Of the growing light

Dawn on the lake

Of your consciousness

Like a new day.


May you feel inside,

As the Sun comes back,

That this moment of stillness

Is to give you a balmy rest.


May you feel the joy,

As you watch dawn break,

That there always is a time

To start again, and again.


Picture by courtesy of Todd Trapani via Pexels.com