18. Aug, 2019



All good things come to a stop.

Dawn breaks the magic of the night.

Princesses and princes – hot and ruffled –

Rush to their boats; away, to the other shore.

Back in their room, their hearts still

Pounding in delight, the princesses

Believe their secret to be safe.

But the soldier runs to the king.

For three nights he followed the princesses.

He snapped a silver twig on the first night,

And took a golden leaf and a diamond apple

On the second. On the third, he snatched

A gold cup from the castle of enchanted



There you have it – your princesses

Dance all night long. Twelve princes

Attend to their pleasure in the enchanted

Castle beyond the dark lake.



Photo by Ray Bilcliff from Pexels


10. Aug, 2019


The dances are wild. The old soldier

Gapes under his cloak.

The twelve princesses untie their long

Hair, they untie their corsets, drop them

To the floor. They dance in their sleeveless

Shirts; their feet – in the dancing shoes –

Twirl and jump in ecstasy.

They heave, sigh, laugh and cry,

They cleave to their princes all night.

The music intoxicates, propels the dance

Forward to the brink of madness.

No musician is to be seen. Yet, the music

Plays on and on.


Photo by Kris Kemp from Pexels

4. Aug, 2019


While the old soldier feigns to be asleep,

The eldest princess opens the floor-lid.

She summons twelve princes.

They are ready in their twelve boats.

Each princess in a different boat,

With her prince.

They row and row, they glide, they

May well be flying on the lake.

The water is still, heavy and polished

Like a dark mirror in the moonless


The lovers giggle and whisper,

Smile and embrace in glee.

On the shore, a hooded figure awaits.

He escorts them inside the castle

Of all the dances.


Photo by David Skyrius via Pexels.

28. Jul, 2019


Take a paranoid king, brooding over disgrace
Add an old, battered soldier coming back
From the bloodiest of battles.
The soldier feels his bad luck is an unfair
Blow of fate. Life has been hard on him.
The king wants to know where his twelve
Daughters go at night, for, despite being
Locked away, every morning their dancing
Shoes are worn to pieces.
Whoever finds out will live to be his heir
And pick a wife out of the twelve princesses.
However, who fails will lose his life.
Now, an old hag sees the soldier coming.
She waits for him at the city gate and tells
Him how he can change his luck:

Do not drink of the eldest princess’s wine
Of sleep and forgetfulness;
Wear this cloak of invisibility to follow
The twelve princesses at night.

The soldier nods and complies.


Picture by Luiz Clas via 

22. Jul, 2019

The wind fills the night with sighs

As white as clouds,

The moon fades into


And the crickets get still.

I review my life

In bliss:

What sorrows I did have

Got me where I am.

Every moment, destiny's

Turning wheel startles me