9. Dec, 2017

Quest 2018 #Purpose

I have joined the WeQuest movement to bring my vision into being in 2018.

Before I can do that and turn my creative endeavours into a viable business, however, I need to focus on self-awareness and self-observation. Turning inward is key at this time of my life.

Following Katie Dalebout's instigation about making space for my best work to the benefit of humanity, I am journaling everyday, asking myself "What am I devoted to today?"

The second tier of my practice is about following Caroline Adams Miller's instigation about what I need to do in order to bring my best gifts to the world: my creative practices, as a writer, teacher and arts counsellor in training.

As those of you who have been reading my blogs for a while know, I feel that my dharma is to inspire and to uplift through creative writing. I also am a teacher and intend to explore the dimension of online visionary teaching and launch my own unique creative courses. 

This two-pronged approach will help me navigate the shift into manifesting my personal vision in 2018.


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Picture by courtesy of pexels.com