14. Dec, 2017

#WeQuest #DreamDone

This is the second week of our quest 2018 and I already have more clarity about what is important to me regarding my achievements in 2018.

Here are the two questions, or "instigations" from Ishita Gupta and Charlie Gilkey respectively:

1. If what you desired most landed on your doorstep tomorrow, would you be ready for it?

2. When you look over or think about the items you've dreamed up for next year, which, if removed, causes you to wince or evokes some sense of pain or regret? Suggestion: get rid of all the optional items that don't cause pain if they're booted.

My responses:


I realise that what I desire most is not an external event, meeting or opportunity, but a homecoming to my own Self and giving myself permission to be and do my best. Therefore, I am walking steadily towards it, albeit sometimes slowly. I am coming home everyday.


Here are my non-negotiable priorities for 2018:

a. launching my first two online courses

b. following through writing the book I have outlined

c. researching my third course


I know my quest this year focuses on my own self-awareness and inner authority to make things happen.

Have a great Quest!

#WeQuest       #DreamDone