24. Dec, 2017

#WeQuest #SolitudeCollaboration

In the third week of the Quest 2018, we are looking into the fruitful tension between solitude and collaboration, when it comes to achieving our goals and dreams.

The instigations given by Pamela Slim and Leo Babauta, respectively:

1. What kind of collaboration is the most fulfilling for your creative growth? What one project or goal this year could benefit from your pursuing that kind of collaboration? What will you do on a monthly basis to pursue that kind of collaboration? With whom possibly?

2. How can you challenge yourself to carve out separate blocks each day for solitude? What new or modified daily habit will help you do so? Whom can you call upon to help you cultivate this habit?

Personally, I have never had difficulties with finding time for solitude, because I am an introvert, with a natural inclination towards introspection and quality time spent with myself.

When it comes to collaboration, I can see its value, but also its downsides, when practiced among people who don't share the same vision. 

In 2018, I am intensifying my creative exchanges with friends whose visions are compatible with my own, mainly through email and Skype calls, because we live in different countries. I can think of two friends, who, like me, write stories. One is based in the UK and the other in Belgium. We read each other's work in the past, but it would be beneficial for all of us to do it consistently, on a monthly basis.

#WeQuest #SolitudeCollaboration