4. Jan, 2018

#WeQuest #CompetitionCommunity

The fourth and last week of the Quest ended on 31st December.

Here I am posting four days later, for a reason:

I needed to take stock of the places, physical and metaphorical, I was in 2017; I needed to reflect on how much I value what I value and why; I needed to be aware of my unique way, between competion and community building.

Following the prompt given by Jonathan Field, I recognised the key values that fuel my personal Quest as creativity, freedom, wisdom, love and integrity.

To me, they are all connected and I see my body of work as a manifestation thereof.

On the topic of community building, my way is to create it through the sharing of stories and poems. On the other hand, I have never worried about the competition. It just isn't my own concern.

Dorie Clark's instigation about inviting someone to the table in 2018 spurred me to think about various possibilities for collaboration. One was even talked about on Christmas day, literally at the family table. Not only can I build community through writing, but also through teaching and creative facilitation. As the first days of the New Year go by, I recognise more opportunities and think of more suitable collaborators.

Today is my birthday. It is a good day to put some order in my thoughts and priorities and dream up some new adventures for 2018.