24. Aug, 2019

Book on Creativity Coaching!

I am glad to announce that on August 27, Routledge is releasing Inside Creativity Coaching: 40 Inspiring Case Studies from Around the World.

It is a unique book in its genre: it is edited and introduced by pioneer Creativity Coach Dr Eric Maisel and features 40 contributions by Coaches located all over the globe, including me.

Each case study engagingly describes the manifold practices and tools of Creativity Coaching and provides main learning points and self-coaching questions, together with short biographies and contact details of the contributors.

The Appendices are on such illuminating topics as what is Creativity Coaching, what is involved in a coaching session, information for prospective Creativity Coaches.

The book also contains an invaluable bibliography and a handy index that makes it easy to locate any relevant subject.

A great reference book, full of tips, techniques and useful information for all of you who want to be more creative!

Check it out here.