Explore Your Potential, Unleash Your Creativity, Free Your Soul

What is it possible for you? Are you longing for more meaning, more joy, more connection with yourself and with others in your life? Let us work together, do the inner work and discover new possibilities...

If you want to enhance and cultivate your creative process and flow, and experience more joy and inner connection, let us talk.

As adults, all too often we are overwhelmed by the demands of our daily routines, so much so that we forget to allow time for creative play and exploration. Our yearning for a more creative, juice life is often frowned upon as irresponsible, dreamy, childish...

However, creativity is often the missing piece to a fulfilling life. Research has shown that people who make time for creative engagement are more resilient and happier.

Choose to be creative, choose to be yourself.

With deep respect and attentive listening, I will point you gently and firmly towards your highest possibilities and will hold you accountable for the goals you set out to achieve.

Working together entails doing deep creative soul work: I will facilitate your inner unfoldment through guided activities in expressive writing, poetry, story, journaling, doodling, collage, intuitive drawing and painting, and will provide an empathetic, warm approach to developing your ability to listen to your intuition and inner voice.

Creativity is a golden key to your soul.

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