• Color Your Life--A Course in Creative Mindset

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  • Write Yourself Free--Heal Your Emotions with Creative Writing

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  • Inside Creativity Coaching -- 40 Inspiring Case Studies from Around the World

    You can know buy this wonderful book about Creativity Coaching published by Routledge and learn all about creative process and techniques. Check it out!

Breaking News!

23. Aug, 2019

Inside Creativity Coaching is going to be released on 27 August

Inside Creativity Coaching: 40 Inspiring Case Studies from Around the World is the go-to book to learn about Creativity coaching, and break-through techniques to develop creativity and have the self-confidence to broach any creative project.
The book, edited by Dr. Eric Maisel, foremost Creativity Coach, contains case studies by 40 Coaches that are based all over the world.
My own contribution is featured in chapter 36!! Its title is "Orange Disks and Orange Balls: How a Visual Storyteller Stopped Self-Sabotaging."

Write Yourself Free. Heal Your Emotions With Creative Writing.

My new course Write Yourself Free is a treasure trove of practical writing activities designed to help you sail towards emotional healing and creative self-expression.

The course is made up of 56 videos to be engaged with sequentially.

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Color Your Life: A Course In Creative Mindset

You now have two options to take my course on developing a creative mindset.
You can either take it as a Premium subscriber at Tabletwise.com, a platform that specializes in great wellness courses, or you can access it at my own personal school.

You will learn to prepare your mind for creativity and to develop the four fundamental powers conducive to it: the power of attitude, the power of observation, the power of imagination, the power of experimentation.

The course guides you through a 5-day practice of step-by-step activities that can be reiterated for 10-15 days or more. No special tools or equipment are necessary. You only need to set aside 20-30 minutes a day and be open to playfulness.

There are no special requirements either.

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